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Création 22/12/2021 23:20
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XMBCraft - Survival 1.18.2 : Crossplay Java and Bedrock

XMBCraft is a minecraft server that opened on April 10, 2021.
We are a survival server with various fun and useful additions for our valuable players. If you want to play on a server with friendly players, this is the server for you!

      └ Play with unique and friendly players
      └ Protect your buildings from theft and grievance
      └ Do quests and earn rewards!
  Economy takes over
      └ Dive into trade and get rich
  Auction House
      └ Sell your products for all to see
  Work and earn levels
      └ Work to improve your experience and earn money

Join us
✦ Website: https://www.xmbcraft.store/
✦ Discord: https://discord.gg/qpFcuSYBQZ
✦ Java ip address: xmb.craft.gg:10062
✦ Bedrock ip address: @ Console: xmb.craft.gg:40671

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