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Welcome to the legend of Gramdatis.

We are now in the Gramados era, called after the country where everything happens. Every player lives his life, buys his house, his car, finds a job, but can also run a secret life. Traveling across Gramados, visiting all villages and cities, the player will discover a lot of quests and weird stuff: ruins, gangs, and much more. But those ruins, from an ancient time, have a lot of story. Look around them, dig them out, do an archeological job, find artifacts and try to understand them. Discover how to use magic, or fell into gangs and dealers, obtain weapons, and go on amazing quests, street races, rob banks, military bases, or destroy mafia organizations, helping police and military. You choose your side, you choose your story, and you choose your life.
Every player has a faction stat, that will define your quests, your ennemies and your friends. There are 4 main factions: civility (defines if you’re friend or enemy with the police and the military), cruality (could be considered as the opposite of civility), mafia (one specific faction which mostly adds a new gameplay), and also two other factions that will define your religion, that would make you able to control dark magic (the Satigeon) or white magic (the Mormettil)

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